It is the 18th of July 2022 and earlier this evening we attended a leavers Church service for the Year 6 Children. Maximus sat with his teacher and was an amazing boy. It was very emotional and we felt so much pride on how well he handled it. Furthermore, He went up to the alter unaccompanied to receive his cross from his headmaster. It was a real mixture of emotions as we also felt so much sadness to know this will be the last time we see so many wonderful People.

Over the past years he has has achieved so much. This has been largely due to the care, love and guidance by all the teachers and support staff from his wonderful school that have helped him along the way. Maximus has been so lucky, the environment he got to grow and thrive in was filled with such wonderful people who have supported and helped him every step of his journey.

He has always loved school. The first couple of years was difficult for Maximus as he adjusted to the way of the world. He was still non verbal for the most part and we tried a number of different communication devices, PECS and software from the states. All this was done in conjunction with and the supported by school. Maximus would learn how to use something that would be novel to him for a few weeks and once the novelty wore off he just wouldn’t be interested.

There were talks of verbal dyspraxia to go along with the developmental delay. Everyone just kept working away.

He really found himself when he moved into his next Class with Mrs.Jameson & Mrs.Beckett, they just connected with him instantly and they found the spark that began to turn the cogs in his very different mind. Little by little he began to find his voice and his self confidence. His personalty shined through and the growth was amazing.

Over the past 3 years he has been able to just be himself, Mrs. Walsh has helped him feel stable and flourish. He really doesn’t want to leave his special little class.

We will always be grateful for everything everyone has done for our boy. It was so lovely to be able to say goodbye this evening to those that were there. It still makes our hearts sad that a special person was missing.

Thank you for everything, you are all amazing, special human beings. It is so hard to say goodbye. Enjoy every minute of your last day tomorrow.

Maximus took some Photos

I got a quick couple of our Happy Boy with two of his favourites .



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  1. It has been a real privilege to have known Maximus! I’ve seen him flourish and grow into the lovely young man he clearly is today. He has a fabulous character and personality and we will all miss him in our school community. Wishing you all the best for your bright future, Maximus!
    Best wishes
    Mrs McDermott

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