Hello and welcome to our little space in the world. We are Michelle and Graham and we have two children – Roman and Maximus and our dog Freya

We knew from early on Maximus wasn’t neurotypical. Michelle got the ball rolling early to work towards getting Maximus in front of a peadiatrician.  The hard work paid off and we had diagnosis at 2. Maximus is on the Autistic spectrum, he also has developmental delay and anxiety – although we only got diagnosis for the anxiety much later.

Like so many others our lives have become caught in the gravimetric pull of the conditions, with years of non-verbal communication, 1-2am starts to our days and many other things that go along with having a child with additional needs. We became lost in just being carers.

That is not all we are though, there was a time when we had dreams and ideas beyond where we find ourselves. So we decided to start this project. We don’t know what it will be or where it will take us as our lives change, but we want to do something that isn’t all about the ‘A’ word.

That doesn’t mean we won’t talk about Autism – it is a very real part of who we are. It is just the chance to do something different.

So we have built a website and are starting a Youtube channel. We may write a blog, we may review some things we find useful, we may document our life and travels, we may even find ourselves doing something new and completely different for us. We have been through some dark places over the past few years and we are moving forward towards the light.

We hope you will join us on our little journey.

Every family has a story, this is our’s 🙂


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