We get asked about how we make our content and what Gear we use. So here is the list of our current gear or the closest Current Model available.

Our Cameras and Gear

The Music we use

After using free services for the first few Videos, we really wanted to up our game with the Music we use. After reviewing a lot of music services we chose to subscribe to Epidemic Sound. They have a huge selection of Music and sound effects and are very well priced for the choice available. Over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects at the time of writing this.

The Software we use

We use Adobe for our video and photography. Premiere Pro for the Video editing and light room and photoshop for Photography and creating thumbnails and designs. They are very good products but they come at a cost. The links below are for various different options. If you are a student or have a student in the family, the best Value is the complete student pack.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Free Alternatives if you are just Starting out

Video editing – most operating systems come with some kind of free edition. If you want a free video editor that gives you the power of a professional start with DaVinci Resolve

Photo editing – Darktable will give you some powerful tools to sort and edit your Images. It doesn’t quite have all the features of Photoshop and Lightroom but it is very capable.

Music – If you are creating YouTube videos Youtube themselves now have a good selection of tracks, just create a YouTube studio account.

We hope you find this useful, if you are going to get one of the paid service, please consider using our links. The links above are affiliate links for the most part, they are the easiest way to support our channel. You can use them and pay the same price as you would normally. We may be able to get a coffee one day 🙂


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